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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Local Band Review: Black Books - An Introduction To...

Better than the cover, the green transparent vinyl it comes on.
As I was scoping out concerts to hit up once I made my move from Cleveland to Austin this year I came across the Austonian band Black Books.  When I heard their psychedelic lo-fi track "The Big Idea" I was sold instantly.  This is also the opening track to An Introduction To... the band's debut 4 song EP that was released earlier this year.   

The following song, "Maria," opens with keyboards reminiscent of Beach House before lead singer (and drummer) Ross Gillflan asks "Who brings the flowers to you? No one for Maria. Who breaks their heart for you? No one but Maria."   The song is a rockin' dream-like experience about a woman giving a copious amount of love but not getting any in return.

Fans of My Morning Jacket's earlier work should connect with the closer "Silver Lining."  The summery cicada-ish opening backdrop and alt-country-rock vibe of this song brings to mind the times of Tennessee Fire and At Dawn.  At least wait until the chorus that kicks in prior to the 3 minute mark before disagreeing.

Black Books are currently working on their debut full-length LP due late 2011.  In the meantime you can head over to their site Black Books Music and please your auditory nerves by listening to An Introduction To...  You can also purchase a digital download or a very limited edition of their debut EP on clear green vinyl.  Makes a very nice addition to any vinyl collection and each is individually numbered out of the mere 300 made.  It's a win-win!  You support an upcoming band and if (when) they get big someday it will be a nice collector's item.

Black Books are most definitely a band to watch out for and not only in the Austin music scene. If you like what you hear buy a copy and tell your friends.  We all need to support smaller upcoming bands that make solid tuneage and have a passion for what they do.

Below is the band playing the 3rd song on their EP "Green Screen"

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