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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Album Review: SBTRKT - Sbtrkt

Trying to do that with my beard actually
SBTRKT = London musician/producer Aaron Jerome. Jerome is mostly known for remixes of artists such as M.I.A. and Basement Jaxx, amongst others. He has also released a few singles as well as last year's EP Step In Shadows all under the moniker of SBTRKT. If you ever see someone cruising around in a mask such as the one shown above from the album cover for his self-titled debut LP SBTRKT there is a chance it may be Jerome. He prefers to live in anonymity through these modern interpretations of traditional ceremonial masks and by not using his name.

The album is full of funky UK dubstep beats that keep your head bobbing throughout. My 1st listen through I had thoughts of this crazy mixture of Phantogram, the XX, and TV on the Radio. The TVOTR part is a little more of a stretch after multiple listens but it was more about their artistic funkiness as opposed to the sound.

Check out the strange yet kinda cool video for single "Wildfire" below along with the audio for my favorite track "Hold On."


Hold On

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