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Friday, July 29, 2011

Band You Should Know: The Cave Singers - No Witch

I think that's my buddy's dad...
So I had read here and there about The Cave Singers in various blogs, sites, and magazines around the time their latest LP No Witch was released back in February. I should have taken it as a sign to check them out based on the praise and that it was released 2 days after my birthday but as usual I did not. C'est la vie.

My first real run-in with this trio from Seattle, WA was a couple months back when they opened for the Fleet Foxes as Stubb's here in Austin. I was instantly intrigued by the funky folk music and raspiness of singer Pete Quirk. On top of that it didn't hurt that we had a storm blow through near the end of the set that caused euphoria as we hadn't seen a drop in weeks (Texas is in a massively insane drought right now if you weren't aware). It's funny how rain can have that effect and enhance the emotions involved in the current happenings. 

Ever since the concert they have been on my wishlist and I finally purchased No Witch this past weekend when I made a trip to Waterloo records after some "Sunday fun day" at Lucy's and Dirty Bill's off W. 6th downtown. Happy with that purchase but don't really get some of the others I bought but oh well, I'm sure this is the least of things you (the reader) care about.

Back to the music! The album has an overall feeling, but one that is most prevalent, on the opening track "Gifts and the Raft" that it could serve (in parts or as a whole) as the soundtrack to just about any Coen Brothers film. Being a HUGE fan of these filmmakers this revelation might have something to do with my new found love for this band. You can check out "Gifts and the Raft" below.

Can't you see H.I. and Ed involved in some sort of shenanigans with Nathan Jr while this is playing? Maybe even a B side from the Soggy Bottom Boys! And don't tell me I'm out of my element!

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