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Monday, July 25, 2011

Finally! A New Review! Washed Out - Within and Without

I wonder what they're doing....
After multiple singles and EPs Ernest Greene delivers a solid debut LP full of synthpop whispiness under the moniker Washed Out. Within and Without brings a sort of airy fresh feeling that is perfect for a drive through the country or along the ocean with the windows down.

We are in a new era of "do-it-yourself" musicians that can layer complicated musical pieces together through computer programs. Greene is of this era and does it very well. He has had hints of greatness before with songs like "Feel It All Around" but ...Without is an album you can really lose yourself in. It's relaxing like a kiddie roller-coaster; it has its ups and downs with a few rickety bumps here and there but it's fun nonetheless. I feel like that analogy is kind of under-selling the album but read that knowing that I enjoy listening to it and would recommend it and I hope you get where I was going with it....

Below you can check out my favorite track (so far after a few listens), "Amor Fati." It has a little more of the 80's synth influence but it is one of the more accessible tracks on the album. I'll be intrigued to see Washed Out live as it's always interesting to see how "bands" like this play out live.

Bonus track action for your audio pleasurement:

While this isn't on Within and Without you can check out Washed Out covering the classic Chris Isaak gem "Wicked Game" over at Stereogum by clicking HERE.

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