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Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Video Review: Destroyer - Savage Night At The Opera

Kaputt, the latest release from Dan Bejar's Destroyer project has been one of my favorite albums throughout 2011. Other than in my mid-year top 20 list I haven't mentioned it much since the album came out very early in the year and I just started posting a couple of months ago. When I came across the new video for the standout track "Savage Night At The Opera" I figured I might as well give some mention to this stellar album.

One thing I will say about the album is that it seems to be rather polarizing with most I have talked to. Although my sample isn't necessarily a huge one most either love it or despise it without any middle ground. It is a little different and didn't do much for me the 1st few songs until I got to the title track about halfway through and something snapped and I fell in love with it.

So back to the's a pretty simple one with nothing more than 1st person view from a motorcycle cruising through a downtown city. That's literally all it is until the destination at the end but it jives well with the mellowness of Bejar's voice and overall chilledness of the song.

Take a gander below for the video.