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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Album Review: Dad Rocks! - Mount Modern

This may sound odd but the 1st time I heard Dad Rocks! I pictured the music being played by Modest Mouse in the "Float On" video. Maybe just because Isaac Brock has a mustache? Mind you I hadn't seen that video in years so it was all from memory. I stick by it though. Even after multiple listens when I hear Snaevar Njall Albertsson sing I instantaneously think of this. Can we talk about that name!? Just about as impressive as the debut solo LP Mount Modern by the Icelandic native.

I quickly move past the whole image as I take in the light-hearted and possibly tongue-in-cheek lyrics Albertsson uniquely sings. How can the below lines from "Downaging" not throw you off whatever course your brain is on as they are sung over horns, drums, and other instruments devoid from the rest of the song other than accompanying some humming near the end?

And I became a boy when I received 
my first happy meal toy
And I noticed a pair of breasts
and I did what I could
I did my very own best
To get this girl undressed
but I sadly failed the test

Not gonna lie but I have never seen a smoother and faster transition from "happy meal toy" to "breasts." Takes some talent.

There's an interesting (and very short) song called "Major Labels" that basically says the best musicians out there are the kids uploading their original works onto youtube. They do not care about labels, producers, people buying albums or anything else and are just making something they created and love. You said it Snaevar!

I like this album and it is very unique, especially compared to everything else I have heard this year. A lot of it has to do with Albertsson's singing (sometimes almost talking in rhythm) and combine that with the folk elements, quirky lyrics and larger-than-expected arrangements. Sometimes it feels like early Coldplay attempts at arena rock are combined with the sensibility and stylings of a good way. One thing is for sure, it is virtually impossible to be in a bad mood while and after listening to Mount Modern.

Check the video for the song "Weapons" below. Basically describes the majority of us music lovers out there that like to get a taste of an album before buying it.

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  1. It's a very individual album and well worth a purchase. Deffo play on our coming radio shows... Good review BTW fella ;o)