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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Real Estate - Days

Days is the recent follow up by the New Jersey five-some Real Estate to their highly acclaimed 2008 debut self-titled LP. I was aware of this band and their recognition amongst the bloggers and music publications but hadn't ever given much of a listen. At the urging of a friend when NPR streamed Days prior to its release things changed. I had been in a bit of a music funk and with traveling a lot for work had taken a minor sabbatical from it all. I needed something fresh to break me out of this slump and by the time I got to the 2nd song "Green Aisles" it was like the beam of light from the heavens you see in cartoons shone down on me. The healing and rejuvinization (aware that's not a word, deal with it) process had started.

I have since seen their stellar live performance and have gone back and listened to the debut album and I can see where and why all the love for this band has come from. This is a collection of 10 easy-flowing, wistful, indie pop songs that could easily soundtrack a drive along the countryside, with some possible beach scene passer-byes, in a convertible on a sunny and breezy day. It brings this warm feeling of living in a moment at it's utmost simplest and fully appreciating the now of it all.

I guess it may depend on where you live but this album is perfect spring/summer/fall tuneage. If it is already cold and nasty where you are you might want to check this out for a reprieve from the winter terrors. No matter what your Days are like though, Real Estate's will make them a little bit better.

Check out the video for their current single "It's Real" below. Dog lovers rejoice!

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