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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Teletextile - Reflector EP

A fairly new band out of Brooklyn, NY was recently brought to my attention by the name of Teletextile. If singer Pamela Martinez's voice sounds familiar that's because you may recognize her from her former project, The Pamela Martinez Band. It was a duo back then but the name changed when additional members were added and the sound was expanded as well. The foursome now comprises of Martinez, Allan Mednard, Alex  Torpornycky, and Tim Cronin.

Telextile released their EP Reflector last June and also released an Europe-only LP back in October titled Glass. Reflector is comprised of refreshingly melodic indie dream-pop tuneage...refreshing in the sense of being in a home by a beach and opening up the window to let the ocean-fueled spring breeze in as it moves past your face and lightly brushes through your hair.

At different times throughout Reflector I am reminded of bands the likes of Beach House, Wye Oak, The Dirty Projectors, and one of my recent favorites Low Roar.

You can stream Reflector on their bandcamp site HERE and check out their new video for "I Don't Know How to Act Here" below. You can also scope out their Glass LP HERE.

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