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Friday, February 3, 2012

Imperial Teen - Feel the Sound

Although this San Francisco-based indie pop group has been around since 1996 this is, I believe, my first taste of them. Granted, there is very legit chance I would recognize some of their older stuff if I heard it. Luckily, this is a review of their latest and 5th studio album Feel the Sound or else I'd be screwed and lacking 4/5th of the content. However, since I don't have their previous records to rely on for a basis to compare I am able to bring a fresh perspective on this album without the bias of the older stuff. Like how I spun that one?

Feel the Sound, much like Hopsitality's debut I wrote about yesterday, was brought to my attention mostly through Twitternation, specifically by their label Merge Records. There was a lot of build up and countdowns to the release of this album so I thought I'd scoop it up without really hearing much. Life is about taking chances and this is one I am now ecstatic that I did. Imperial Teen has taken up a huge chunk of my rotation this week. The album is a fantastic display of catchy hook-filled indie pop to bob your head to. It's good in the car, it's good in the background, it's good when you need a pick-me-up, it's good pretty much anywhere! We're still talking about the album, right?

Now I might have to go back and check out the back catalog, especially since my friend Holly celebrated my newfound love for Imperial Teen mentioning she's seen them 6 times and how amazing they are. If only I had listened to Holly back in Missouri when she tried to tell me about all this good music out there she knew from her days of living in San Diego (discovered by the Germans in 1904). All I knew was the music played on our 3 radio stations that weren't talk or country. Those memories may cause me to go to therapy some day just so my ears can be at peace with the torture I put them through.

Check out the audio of the exceptionally catchy "Out From Inside" below:

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