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Friday, February 24, 2012

Listen Again and Longer: Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing (Extended Version)

Considering this week wouldn't be complete without yet ANOTHER mention of the new Gorillaz tune featuring James Murphy and Andre 3000 "Do Ya Thing," well here you go. At the end of their recording session they laid down an epic 13 minute version of the song and this version won't be found on the Converse site. When I say "epic," that's exactly what I mean. This version is a little more of what I expected with there being much more of an LCD Soundsystem vibe as the song builds and more of Andre as opposed to the shorter version which is very much a Gorillaz song with a couple cameos.

Check it for yourself at 107.7 The End and be sure and stay till the end for Andre's extra verse and repeated "I'm the shit" and crazy LCD Soundsystemified ending that will make you wish they were still around. 

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