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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Listen: Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing ft. James Murphy and Andre 3000 (of Outkast)

So the day has finally come! Well, almost. Scheduled to hit the Converse website tomorrow, but now available via a radio rip, is the much ballyhooed track by Gorillaz with special guests James Murphy and Andre 3000. This is especially awesome since we lost Murphy's epic project LCD Soundsystem last year and have long been waiting on a new Outkast album.

The track is called "Do Ya Thing" and mixes classic Albarn-Gorillaz, Murphiness, and an epic flow by Mr. 3000. You can hear for yourself over at Listen Before You Buy.

I'm guessing the part at the end when someone keeps saying "can we get an Outkast album now?" isn't part of the song yet I totally agree.

**UPDATE: You can now download the track for free over at Converse's website. Do it!

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