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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grimes - Visions

First of all, is it just me or does this album cover seem like it belongs more with a Rob Zombie record? I guess if you aren't familiar with Grimes yet, this may not seem as much of a stretch but Grimes sounds NOTHING like Rob Zombie.

Grimes consists of Montreal native and visual artist Claire Boucher, who is responsible for both the vocals and music. Visions is her latest effort after forming back in 2010 and was released February 21st on 4AD Records.

Visions is an electronic and spacey album that you can tell within the first few seconds of the short opener "Infinite Love Without Fulfillment" it is going to be fun and groovy. The next track, "Genesis" comes at you with all of it's synthed-out glory and a flare of Asian musical vibeage. Here is where we first get a true taste of Bocuher's unique voice. Throughout, Boucher (no relation to Bobby from The Waterboy, that I am aware of) almost sounds like some alien-crafted mixture of Stevie Nicks, Cyndi Lauper, and even a splash of the less-weird side of Nicki Minaj. Whew, that mixture is gonna give me nightmares! Anyway, this is followed by the infections loop of "Oblivion" and the album just keeps picking up steam from there. Especially on the track "Vowels = Space And Time" where the danceableness gets kicked up a notch and you can't help but get your "groove thang" on.

Grimes' Visions is another solid release for this young 2012. Check out the audio for the aforementioned "Vowels" in all it's awesomeness below...

Monday, March 12, 2012

C2C - Down the Road EP

C2C, formerly known as Coups2Cross, is a French turntable foursome that has been DJing for the better part of a decade. They just released their debut EP Down The Road and it's an interesting combo of bluesy tunes turned electronic...maybe even dubstep? When I first heard the title track as the "Jam of the Day" from someone that was following me and I check out their profile, I was instantly hooked. The aforementioned bluesiness was the instant attraction and then the added scratching that reminded me of 80's/90's rap was the clincher. Down The Road has a different feel to it than a lot of music out there with in the electronic world. I'm now a fan.

Check out the track that hooked me, "Down The Road," below...

Gracie - Treehouse (Remixes)

I recently told you about one of my favorite EPs of 2012 by Gracie titled Treehouse, and last week I shared his new video from an older tune called "Flirty Little Fishy". Now, Small Plates Records just put out a remix version of the Treehouse EP featuring remixes by HOLLAGRAMZ, YALLS, Giraffage, RMX, and Sun Glitters. Most of these add a dancier side to the dreaminess that Gracie originally brought us, especially on the wild "Southern Place." The take on my favorite track "Tryck R Treat" is interesting, to say the least, and in a good way. Overall, there are a lot of bleeps, bloops, blaps, and loops latched on to the chill and unique Gracie-vibe. I'm not typically a big "remix album guy" but this one is comprised of some pretty solid translations of the 5 songs and is worth checking out.

You can stream and download the album over at Gracie's SoundCloud page

Real Estate - NPR Tiny Desk Concert

NPR just shared their latest in the brilliant Tiny Desk concert series featuring one of my favorites, Real Estate. Last year, Real Estate released their sophomore album Days, which was one of my top albums for the year and remains a constant in my rotation. This performance features a few of their more stellar tunes from the fantastic album (full tracklist below). The band's gorgeously melodic tunes and relaxed state makes for a fun and pleasurable live show that you may not quite expect by their level of chilledness. This intimate setting only enhances their effect.

You can view the full performance on video and even download the audio over at NPR.

1. Easy
2. Green Aisles
3. Municipality

For some reason I had a feeling "Municipality" would be included but am surprised it replaced their single "It's Real."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Lambchop - Mr. M

No, this isn't music by a sock puppet singing about a song that never ends. I'm always honest with you, so why stop now? This is my first taste of Lambchop, although I am aware the band has been around since the 90's and originated in Nashville, TN. I also know they started off as a country band but have delved into many different types of music. Not gonna lie but when I first read this band was know as alt-country I thought I was researching the wrong group. Nope. I am intrigued to hear some of the earlier sounds seeing as this is Lambchop's 11th studio album, and that doesn't even count the earlier work when they went by Posterchild. Reminds me of The Shins in that the core of Lambchop is a seemingly revolving door but frontman Kurt Wagner always remains.

Mr. M is pretty much like nothing else I have heard recently. There are plenty of bands out there that have a jazzy vibe or play some old school soul. Lampchop, though, has taken both of these along with some blues and lounge music to create a very unique and addictive sound. I heard about 30 seconds of a couple of songs and wasn't sold but decided to buy it anyway. I'm glad I did. Just hearing snippets don't do any of the songs justice. You need to hear them in their entirety to get the full effect that Wagner and co. were going for.

This is the latest installment in my "can't stop listening to this album" mini obsession phase I periodically go through. The lyrics are fun yet heartfelt and the music is almost fascinating. I mentioned the various types previously but there are also the occasional electronic and/or synth sounds mixed in to the fold. I would be very intrigued to see this album played out live.

If you are looking for something fresh, unique, and pretty fantastic then I suggest you give Mr. M by Lambchop a couple of listens and you'll be hooked. This is absolutely one of the best albums I have heard so far in 2012.

Check out the video for one of my favorite tracks "Gone Tomorrow" below...

New Song: Beach House - Myth

So late last night, Beach House unveiled a new song called "Myth" off of their upcoming Sub Pop album, that will apparently be named Bloom. This is a beautiful song in that way that only Victoria Legrand and Alex Scaly can do. I'm rather excited about this as 2010's Teen Dream was a pretty phenomenal album.

Listen to it below and you can get the song as a free download by joining their Mailing List

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Single and Video: Bon Iver - Towers

In honor of Bon Iver releasing the latest single, "Towers," off of last year's exquisite self-titled album, I will share the video for this song that was actually released last week while I was on hiatus. It features an older gentleman who seems to be carrying some sort of towerish (see what they did there?) dreamcatcher into the woods before paddling out to sea. That's all I'll give away of this quasi-cryptic video other than the craziest thing for me is that the guy almost looks like an older Christian Bale dressed as Jeremiah Johnson but as a captain of one of those Deadliest Catch TV show boats. Just's weird.

Check it out below.

Video: Here We Go Magic - Make Up Your Mind

So I made up my mind and I still don't know what's going on with the women in this video. Possession? Random convulsions? Something of a sexual nature considering the Village People leather attire of the man causing this? The common denominator is that they're all in their underwear. Hmm....

Either way, the new video by Here We Go Magic for the tune "Make Up Your Mind," off their upcoming album A Different Ship, was just released. You should check it out cause the song itself is pretty much awesome.

See for yourself below...

Video: Gorillaz - DoYaThing ft. James Muprhy and Andre 3000

Although I posted 100 times about this song a couple of weeks ago it appears I missed the release for the video last week while I was off the grid. So, to tie it all up I might as well post the video for anyone that hasn't seen it yet. It's a mix of animation and real-life featuring the fictional members of the group including the newly imagined versions of Murphy and Andre 3000. There's also a nice cameo by one of the new special edition Gorillaz Converse shoes.

Check the animated creepiness and insanity below...

Video: Gracie - Flirty Little Fishy (NSFW)

I recently told you about Gracie's Treehouse EP, who also released the For Summer EP last summer. Yesterday, Gracie dropped a kinda creepy "cult-loving" and NSFW video for one of its tracks, "Flirty Little Fishy."

Check it out below....

Monday, March 5, 2012

Video: The Shins - Bait and Switch

A little behind on this but still wanted to share....

Another song to tease us for the upcoming release of Point of Morrow by Kevin, James Mercer's The Shins was released via video last week. I'm talking about "Bait and Switch," which has a pretty classic Shins vibe. There are some "updated" nuances Mercer likely picked up from the changes in the musical landscape over the last few years and from his time working with Danger Mouse.

The video was filmed while the band was rehearsing in Portland, OR. Check it below!