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Monday, March 12, 2012

Gracie - Treehouse (Remixes)

I recently told you about one of my favorite EPs of 2012 by Gracie titled Treehouse, and last week I shared his new video from an older tune called "Flirty Little Fishy". Now, Small Plates Records just put out a remix version of the Treehouse EP featuring remixes by HOLLAGRAMZ, YALLS, Giraffage, RMX, and Sun Glitters. Most of these add a dancier side to the dreaminess that Gracie originally brought us, especially on the wild "Southern Place." The take on my favorite track "Tryck R Treat" is interesting, to say the least, and in a good way. Overall, there are a lot of bleeps, bloops, blaps, and loops latched on to the chill and unique Gracie-vibe. I'm not typically a big "remix album guy" but this one is comprised of some pretty solid translations of the 5 songs and is worth checking out.

You can stream and download the album over at Gracie's SoundCloud page

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