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Friday, June 22, 2012

Band of Horses Tease New Album and Song "Dumpster World"

Band of Horses just dropped a teaser video for their currently unnamed 4th studio album that's set for a September release. The video features a snippet from the tune "Dumpster World" and features the classic BoH snazzy font and laidback vibe.

Pretty pumped for this one in what is shaping out to be an epic fall/winter release of albums. Check the teaser below and get ready to get your pre-orders on!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Song! Oli Chang: Maaam

You may recall the talented Oli Chang from one of my last posts about his remix of "Golden Road" by Trippple Nippples, and from my 2011 obsession with the band High Highs. If not, check those out and get familiar with High Highs especially as they are about to drop their debut LP in a few months...which is awesome news!

Back to Oli though...I would usually go last name there but as I typed it, all I could think about was Ken Jeong's character in Community. Anyway, he has an electronic project he is also working on under Oli Chang (so you don't get too confused) and just released his first tune for all of us to hear. The song is called "Maaam" and it is flat out awesome. If you dig the electro-synth vibe that takes what we loved about the synthed-out 80's and makes them badass, you'll love this jam. Especially as temps continue to trend upward and we wanna party like it's summer vacation.

Check it out and download for free over at Oli's Soundcloud page. While you're there scope out his remixes, like the one mentioned above. I'm currently digging his totally mellowed version of "Walking On A Dream" from Empire of the Sun. Speaking of....when are they ever gonna release some more songs!?

Now go listen, download it, then burn it to a CD or record it to your cassette for walkman purposes or upload it to your ipod/iphone/blackberry/android/whatever and rock it!