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Monday, June 20, 2011

Song to Add to Your Summer Playlist...."Swimsuits" by The Cool Kids ft. Mayer Hawthorne

I was really into the debut LP from The Cool Kids, Bake Sale, back in 2008.  Then they signed with a bigger label and had some issues, got out of that and are back with a smaller one. (My Morning Jacket would call that "circuital") So now they are finally releasing their followup When Fish Ride Bicycles on July 12. Tomorrow you can wrap your ear buds around their latest single "Swimsuits" on iTunes. The Cool Kids have a retro 90's style of hip hop and adding the smooth crooning of  Mayer Hawthorne to the mix for the hook? Brings to mind a scene straight out of a Fresh Prince music video from back in the day driving to the beach with your new shades on, windows down, bobbin your head with your crew in the car, and eyeing the ladies. DJ Jazzy Jeff and flat top optional.

You can check it out on Pitchfork's site here The Cool Kids - Swimsuits (ft. Mayer Hawthorne)

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