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Monday, June 6, 2011

Why Does My Music Opinion Matter?

It doesn't but I'm going to share it anyway.  So many bands are making amazing music that most of us will never hear and it's a shame.  I love music, I love finding new music and I love talking about music.  That is the purpose of this.  

A little background on me: (if you don't care just skip down past the 1st sentence of the 2nd to last paragraph).  I don't currently play an instrument but I did play trombone for 2 years in middle school.  I tried bass guitar a couple times but didn't have the patience.  Since my parents listened to oldies when I was younger that's what I listened to.  This early influence is visible in many bands I listen to now with "throwback" sounds.

Growing up in Southwest Missouri I didn't have many radio options once I was able to listen to what I wanted.  It was typical of most smaller cities prior to the current Social Networking age.  I was in a small musical box and there was conceivably nothing on the outside.  I didn't even know Pearl Jam was still a band, post Vitalogy, until I moved to Cleveland and lived with 2 friends that would gladly go 1980's Schwarzenegger-the-family-comedian and carry Eddie Vedder's love-child.

Some friends in Cleveland really opened my eyes to the music world I was missing and my love evolved over my 5+ years there.  I recently moved to Austin in part because of this passion and to be in the mecca for up and coming artist discovery.  Great city with an insane amount of amazing live shows.  I will do the occasional concert review on here along with my general discussions about bands/albums.

This is also my disclaimer so everyone that reads my thoughts knows that I am relatively new to all of this and haven't been tracking new bands with such fervor until recently. We may not agree on comparisons but that's cool, we all hear things and interpret them in our own way.  I encourage comments/comparisons.

Note: this entry will eventually end up in the "About Me" section but I figured some background would be a good start.

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