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Monday, December 12, 2011

Polock - Getting Down From the Trees

First of all, let me point that I am aware that this album was released 1st half of 2010 but when I recently purchased it there was a 2011 date on it. I spent about 10-15 minutes researching for re-release statements, articles, or some form of info and came out empty-handed. So I will justify this review and the potential inclusion in my top 50 for the year based on my album case saying 2011. Semantics!

Polock was brought to my attention at the recommendation of a worker at a record store I ALWAYS hut up when I'm home. His exact words were "they are like a Spanish Phoenix" and that's all I needed. The weather was dreary and nothing can spark a day like that more than the hooks of Phoenix! Plus, I was curious how a Spanish Phoenix would differ from the French Phoenix. This is no joke but about 5 minutes after putting this album in while driving home the sun came out. Not being cheeky or anything here, it happened! Besides, you just read it on the internet so it must be true.

A "Spanish Phoenix" might be the best blanket comparison for this band but there are also traces of Spoon, The Strokes, and even a smidgen of Real Estate. Throughout the album there are times where the singing style reminds me of a poppier Britt Daniel of Spoon. I'm talking more pop than their poppier-ish songs like "The Underdog." Album opener "High on Life" as well as the closer "Night Shot" bring The Strokes to mind. The instrumental jam throughout most of "Defenceless" could have been a Real Estate Days leftover (if patience isn't your thing and you want to hear what I mean skip ahead to around the 1:30 mark).  Also, the chorus of "Faster Love" somewhat reminds me of Weezer. Maybe it's just the way he says "Suzanne."

Other musical similarities aside, if you enjoy the infectious pop hooks of Phoenix then you will enjoy Getting Down From the Trees because they are aplenty. 'Trees is full of charm and warmth and will get your head bobbing. This may not be the most diverse album but why stray from what works especially when your music causes the sun to shine on a dreary day?

Check out the party-in-the-woods video for "Fireworks" below. Is the drummer trying to look like Jason Schwartzman in this video? Phantom Planet fan, maybe?

And below you can hear "Defenceless." Possibly my favorite jam on the album...

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