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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prevaluation: Roman Ruins - Homebuilding

Graham Hill's solo project Roman Ruins is set to release his debut album Homebuilding on February 28th. You may not recognize the name of this Oakland, CA based songwriter and producer but you surely will recognize some of his work. Graham has played drums and toured with the bands Papercuts and, one of my personal favorites, Beach House. Speaking of, he helped with the recording of Beach House's stellar 2010 release Teen Dream.

I have been listening to this album almost nonstop for the last couple of days and it is very good. Musically, the style kinda reminds me of Washed Out with it's somewhat slow-building chilledness and dreaminess (see "Mother's Day"). There are understandably also traces of Beach House influence (see "Freret Jet"). Both are good things, at least to my ear holes.

The first couple of listens through, there weren't necessarily any songs that stood out in the "man, I could totally hear that on the radio" kind of way we tend to judge albums. At least I find myself doing that. Not really sure where I picked that habit up. That isn't a knock either, my number 1 album of 2011, Destroyer's Kaputt had a similar feel. Anyway, where was I.... Yes...After a few listens, though, Homebuilding started to really come to life and I was able to truly hear the songs for how good they are. One that specifically stands out now know, I'll let you decide for yourself. All you need to know is this is a solid debut album of lively yet relaxed tunes.

You can pre-order the extremely limited pressing of the Homebuilding vinyl or name your price and download the LP at their Bandcamp. I pre-scooped the vinyl and already received my download code for the album. Another reason to go this route is you get a bevy of remixes. Some are Roman Ruins songs remixed by others and some are the versa of vice, such as a remix of Beach House's "Lover of Mine," one of my favorites from Teen Dream.

I recently mentioned the video for "Mighty Love" being available on Vimeo, so hit it up!

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