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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Announcement: The Decemberists - We All Raise Our Voices to the Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11)

So this morning The Decemberists announced via the twitterverse that they will release a live set of songs on March 13 titled We All Raise Our Voices to the Air (Live Songs 04.11-08.11). I thought this sounded familiar and thanks to Pitchfork I now know that is because it is a lyric from "The Infanta" off of 2005's amazing Picaresque. No surprise that this collection of 20 songs from across their discography includes this song as you can see from the track list below.

If you didn't notice in the title, We All Raise.. will feature songs played live from their recent tour in support of The King is Dead from April through August. On a personal note, I hope it specifies where each song was played since I was lucky enough to see them play here in Austin back in April. 

The Decemberists are an amazing live show and with this being their 1st non-record store day limited live release I am excited to add this to my collection. It will come as a double-disc CD and 3xLP for those vinyl lovers out there. 

For a preview of their live show check out "Calamity Song" from their recent taping for the Austin City Limits TV series below

Is it just me or does frontman Colin Meloy kind of have a hipsterish version of Alan from the Hangover pt 2 going on with his short hair?

Tracklist (CD Version):

Disc 1:
1) The Infanta
2) Calamity Song
3) Rise to Me
4) The Soldiering Life
5) We Both Go Down Together
6) The Bagman's Gambit
7) Down By the Water
8) Leslie Ann Levine
9) The Rake's Song
10) The Crane Wife 1, 2 & 3
Disc 2:
1) Oceanside
2) Billy liar
3) Grace Cathedral Hill
4) All Arise!
5) Rox in the Box
6) June Hymn
7) Dracula's Daughter > O Valencia!
8) This is Why We Fight
9) The Mariner's Revenge Song
10) I Was Meant for the Stage

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