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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arcade Fire - Austin City Limits Episode Preview

One of THE best episodes I've ever seen of the Austin City Limits series was from Arcade Fire back in 2007 to play songs off that year's, Neon Bible. Since 2010 brought a new AF record, The Suburbs, and they were in town for the festival of the same name this year, of course they'd record another episode and lucky for us!.

The new episode is set to premier this Saturday (1/14) on PBS so check your local listings and set your DVR! Now, before you forget!

At one point in the video, for a split second, the camera cuts to the set list which included gems from Suburbs as well as Bible and Funeral. I'm interested to see which make the cut for the episode since it's only an hour long. Although the camera doesn't show the bottom of the list, where "Wake Up " would usually be, I have read in a couple spots that the song will be featured. Has to, right?

Here is a preview and a behind the scenes look with the band playing "We Used to Wait"

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