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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Free Delta Spirit!

No, they're not incarcerated in some 3rd world country jail for protesting the unfair treatment of mollusks. In honor of the upcoming March release of their new self-titled album, Delta Spirit has a treat for all of us. In exchange for your email address and zip code they are are offering up their 2 previous EPs for free.

The I Think I've Found It EP is the 1st by Delta Spirit, from back in 2005. Also included, The Waits Room EP is from 2010 and is their most recent release. They have mentioned their new album is self-titled because it is the sound they have been searching for from day 1. I suppose this move makes sense then so we get a reminder of where the band started musically and where they were most recently before we see who they really are come March.

You can get your hands on this free download HERE

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