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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prevaluation: First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar

Last week I posted the new video for First Aid Kit's "Emmylou" off their upcoming sophomore release The Lion's Roar. You can stream the full album, or track-by-track if you prefer, on NPR. This is always nice to get a good listen or 12 before you buy something...and why is there even a question that we need NPR? That's gonna open a can of worms so back to the album..

I had mentioned previously that First Aid Kit is based around 2 young Soderberg sisters out of Sweden. When I say young I mean Johanna is 21 and Klara is 18, which just expands on how amazingly talented they are with their songwriting and harmonization.

I caught wind of First Aid Kit back in 2008 when they did a gorgeous cover of Fleet Fox's "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song." Piqued my interest but I unfortunately never committed them to my rotation. Then I was lucky enough to see them play one afternoon at the 2010 Austin City Limits festival and was blown away. Their vocals and harmonies were even more stunning in person and the festival setting apparently did not cause nervousness or anything else to detour their performance. They will be at Coachella this year, if you were lucky enough to get tickets, so be sure and check them out there and/or any other opportunity you get to see them live.

The Lion's Roar, out next week on 1/24 and produced by Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes, has been one of my most anticipated albums for 2012 and does not disappoint. It is a collection of gorgeous folk songs full of harmonious chemistry that would be hard to match for non-siblings. Everything about this album from the lyrics to the structure show the Soderberg sisters have talents well beyond their years. They pull from influences like Fleet Foxes and Joanna Newsom, so if you like either of those you will love First Aid Kit.

Since I showed "Emmylou" last week you can check out The Lion's Roar's beautiful title-track and opener below.

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