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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ra Ra Riot Moog'd Out!

Although they haven't released any new material since their 2010 sophomore release The Orchard, Ra Ra Riot was recently featured by Moog experimenting on a couple of their tunes in the Asheville, North Carolina Sound Lab. I caught wind of this in a Spin article this afternoon that includes the video of them performing "Boy" from 'Orchard, which you can check out HERE.

As mentioned in the Spin article you can also go to the Moog site to see the band perform "Oh La" from their debut release The Rhumb Line. You can check that out HERE and be sure to scope out previous episodes with such bands as The Antlers, Phantogram, and many more.  Easily one of my favorite bands out there I am always stoked to hear new stuff from them, even if nothing more than new versions of a couple of favorites. They do not disappoint on either as both offer phenomenal renditions with on-point vocals, harmonies, and the creative use of the Moog devices in the lab.

Doesn't hurt they feature the goddess and love of my life on cello, Alexandra Lawn, either. If you don't should. 

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