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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Top 10 EPs of 2012

So it's been a little bit since I posted anything on here due to various reasons. My New Year's resolution is to do a better, or at least more consistent, job of posting reviews and whatever else piques my interest.

Comparatively, I'm also behind on my Best Albums of 2012 lists but as in years past, I like to actually post mine AFTER the year has ended. For all of those Best of 2011 lists that came out before the Black Keys released Casino El Camino, did they leave it off of their 2012 lists because they didn't think it was worthy or because it didn't come out in 2012? So the album's fate is either that it wasn't that good or it's in record purgatory. Makes sense....not! (Still bummed Wayne's World 3 isn't happening after all. Maybe....)

I'll mention this again for my Top Albums list but I'm guessing the biggest complaint I'll get will be about some  "obvious" omissions. I don't get paid to do this and I just like to rank the LPs and EPs that I have enjoyed. I don't have to listen to anything I'm not interested in. Also, there are albums I come across that I don't necessarily care for and don't ever post anything about them. It's my opinion not to like someone else's music and I don't want to sway someone away from a band or album without giving it a proper chance. Not what I'm here for. Aight?

So Top 10 EP releases from 2012:

10) Suburban living - Cooper's Dream

9) S. Carey - Hoyas 

8) Communist Daughter - Speed of Sound

7) C2C - Down the Road (Post on This)

6) Memory Tapes - Grace/Confusion

5) The Antlers - Undersea

4) Gracie - Treehouse (Post on This)

3) Dirty Projectors - About to Die

2) Daniel Rossen - Silent Hour/Golden Mile

1) J. Nolan - The Archetype (Post on This)

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